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Announcing the BFG (Bitcoin Forks Genesis) testnet

Today I merged code into MVF-BU and MVF-Core clients for supporting a testnet for BTCfork - the "BFG" testnet.
Having our own test network is a good idea for various reasons.
  1. BTCfork may want to do tests that could be considered disruptive to other networks. We want to be able to do so in relative peace (ok, we cannot prevent others from coming to this network and interfering with our tests, but at least then we're not intruding).
  2. SegWit is already activates on testnet3 afaik, but we want to do tests around triggering the HF when it activates. So those cannot be done on testnet3.
Besides, it is fun to learn how to mine a genesis block!
This testnet can be selected by running with the -bfgtest command line option with the MVF clients.
However, there aren't yet nodes up, so please be a little patient while we set things up. Get yourself invited to our Slack: https://btcforks.signup.team/
Right now, if you decide to run a node, you're going to have to compile from sources yourself. I'm hoping to change that by creating some signed binaries, and will publish further instructions in the next few days - in the meantime please join our Slack and chat to us after the New Year about setting your test node(s) up.
You should hold off running the clients until I merge in the signature change (CSIG) functionality, which is currently in PRs. Otherwise you're going to get yourself forked off when we fork :-) I'm still having to fight the Windows builds for those PRs, but that shouldn't take too long to sort out.
Below are some specs on the new testnet.
Name: BFG = Bitcoin Forks Genesis
Motto: "To boldly fork where no-one has forked before"
Default P2P Network Port: 19888
Default RPC Port: 19887
Halving interval: as per regular testnet3
POW limit: 0x1d7fffff
Network magic (message start bytes): 0xda 0xe3 0xc7 0xd0
base58Prefixes: same as other public testnets
  • The default fork height has been set to a dummy value (9999999) so that various tests can set their own fork heights using -forkheight=X as needed.
  • Deployment of SegWit BIPs (141/143/147) has been time-shifted on BFGtest to start on Jan 1st 2017 and end on Mar 3rd 2018. Since this is our own playground, we can decide to start SW a little later, this gives more time for us to do tests before it can activate.
  • We may need to reset this test network after some tests - the precise modalities around that are still TBD.
  • There are no seed nodes (DNS / static) defined initially. This may change in subsequent code updates. Initial node connections will be via human interaction :-)
submitted by ftrader to btcfork [link] [comments]

Adafruit Space Invader pendant. Want to convert to using a bicolor 1.2 led matrix. How would the code change?

 // Trinket/Gemma + LED matrix backpack jewelry. Plays animated // sequence on LED matrix. Press reset button to display again, // or add optional momentary button between pin #1 and +V. // THERE IS NO ANIMATION DATA IN THIS SOURCE FILE, you should // rarely need to change anything here. EDIT anim.h INSTEAD. #define BRIGHTNESS 14 // 0=min, 15=max #define I2C_ADDR 0x70 // Edit if backpack A0/A1 jumpers set #include  #include  #include  #include "anim2.h" // Animation data is located here #include "anim3.h" // Animation data is located here #include "anim4.h" // Animation data is located here static const uint8_t PROGMEM reorder[] = { // Column-reordering table 0x00,0x40,0x20,0x60,0x10,0x50,0x30,0x70,0x08,0x48,0x28,0x68,0x18,0x58,0x38,0x78, 0x04,0x44,0x24,0x64,0x14,0x54,0x34,0x74,0x0c,0x4c,0x2c,0x6c,0x1c,0x5c,0x3c,0x7c, 0x02,0x42,0x22,0x62,0x12,0x52,0x32,0x72,0x0a,0x4a,0x2a,0x6a,0x1a,0x5a,0x3a,0x7a, 0x06,0x46,0x26,0x66,0x16,0x56,0x36,0x76,0x0e,0x4e,0x2e,0x6e,0x1e,0x5e,0x3e,0x7e, 0x01,0x41,0x21,0x61,0x11,0x51,0x31,0x71,0x09,0x49,0x29,0x69,0x19,0x59,0x39,0x79, 0x05,0x45,0x25,0x65,0x15,0x55,0x35,0x75,0x0d,0x4d,0x2d,0x6d,0x1d,0x5d,0x3d,0x7d, 0x03,0x43,0x23,0x63,0x13,0x53,0x33,0x73,0x0b,0x4b,0x2b,0x6b,0x1b,0x5b,0x3b,0x7b, 0x07,0x47,0x27,0x67,0x17,0x57,0x37,0x77,0x0f,0x4f,0x2f,0x6f,0x1f,0x5f,0x3f,0x7f, 0x80,0xc0,0xa0,0xe0,0x90,0xd0,0xb0,0xf0,0x88,0xc8,0xa8,0xe8,0x98,0xd8,0xb8,0xf8, 0x84,0xc4,0xa4,0xe4,0x94,0xd4,0xb4,0xf4,0x8c,0xcc,0xac,0xec,0x9c,0xdc,0xbc,0xfc, 0x82,0xc2,0xa2,0xe2,0x92,0xd2,0xb2,0xf2,0x8a,0xca,0xaa,0xea,0x9a,0xda,0xba,0xfa, 0x86,0xc6,0xa6,0xe6,0x96,0xd6,0xb6,0xf6,0x8e,0xce,0xae,0xee,0x9e,0xde,0xbe,0xfe, 0x81,0xc1,0xa1,0xe1,0x91,0xd1,0xb1,0xf1,0x89,0xc9,0xa9,0xe9,0x99,0xd9,0xb9,0xf9, 0x85,0xc5,0xa5,0xe5,0x95,0xd5,0xb5,0xf5,0x8d,0xcd,0xad,0xed,0x9d,0xdd,0xbd,0xfd, 0x83,0xc3,0xa3,0xe3,0x93,0xd3,0xb3,0xf3,0x8b,0xcb,0xab,0xeb,0x9b,0xdb,0xbb,0xfb, 0x87,0xc7,0xa7,0xe7,0x97,0xd7,0xb7,0xf7,0x8f,0xcf,0xaf,0xef,0x9f,0xdf,0xbf,0xff }; int animationSection = 0; void ledCmd(uint8_t x) { // Issue command to LED backback driver Wire.beginTransmission(I2C_ADDR); Wire.write(x); Wire.endTransmission(); } void clear(void) { // Clear display buffer Wire.beginTransmission(I2C_ADDR); for(uint8_t i=0; i<17; i++) Wire.write(0); Wire.endTransmission(); } void setup() { power_timer1_disable(); // Disable unused peripherals power_adc_disable(); // to save power PCMSK |= _BV(PCINT1); // Set change mask for pin 1 Wire.begin(); // I2C init clear(); // Blank display ledCmd(0x21); // Turn on oscillator ledCmd(0xE0 | BRIGHTNESS); // Set brightness ledCmd(0x81); // Display on, no blink } uint8_t rep = REPS; void loop() { switch (animationSection) { case 0: for(int i=0; i 10) { animationSection = 0; } if(!--rep) { // If last cycle... ledCmd(0x20); // LED matrix in standby mode // GIMSK = _BV(PCIE); // Enable pin change interrupt // power_all_disable(); // All peripherals off // set_sleep_mode(SLEEP_MODE_PWR_DOWN); // sleep_enable(); // sei(); // Keep interrupts disabled // sleep_mode(); // Power down CPU (pin 1 will wake) // Execution resumes here on wake. // PLD - Simply Sleep for 2 minutes then start again... //delay(100000); //delay(100000); delay(120000); animationSection = 0; GIMSK = 0; // Disable pin change interrupt rep = REPS; // Reset animation counter power_timer0_enable(); // Re-enable timer power_usi_enable(); // Re-enable USI Wire.begin(); // Re-init I2C clear(); // Blank display ledCmd(0x21); // Re-enable matrix } } ISR(PCINT0_vect) {} // Button tap 
This is a section of the anim file. I want to be able to set the various colors in these "frames"
// Animation data for Trinket/Gemma + LED matrix backpack jewelry. // Edit this file to change the animation; it's unlikely you'll need // to edit the source code. #define REPS 10 // Number of times to repeat the animation loop (1-255) const int frameSpeed2 = 3; const uint8_t PROGMEM anim2[] = { // Animation bitmaps. Each frame of animation MUST contain // 8 lines of graphics data (there is no error checking for // length). Each line should be prefixed with the letter 'B', // followed by exactly 8 binary digits (0 or 1), no more, // no less (again, no error checking). '0' represents an // 'off' pixel, '1' an 'on' pixel. End line with a comma. B00000000, B00000000, B00000000, B00000000, B00000000, B00000000, B00000000, B00000000, frameSpeed2, // 0.10 seconds }; 
submitted by pldiguanaman to arduino [link] [comments]

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Binary Arithmetic. Before going through this section, make sure you understand about the representation of numbers in binary. You can read the page on numeric representation to review. Table of contents. Addition. Unsigned; Signed; Fractions; Multiplying. Unsigned; Signed; Fractions; Floating point arithmetic ; This document will introduce you to the methods for adding and multiplying binary ... The binary numeral system uses the number 2 as its base (radix). As a base-2 numeral system, it consists of only two numbers: 0 and 1. While it has been applied in ancient Egypt, China and India for different purposes, the binary system has become the language of electronics and computers in the modern world. This is the most efficient system to detect an electric signal’s off (0) and on (1 ... Jan. 16. 0xc7 binary options Parameters Function Specifies the function to disassemble. If specified, the disassemble command will produce the disassembly output of the entire function. Address Specifies the address inside a function to disassemble. Note that when only one address is specified, this command will disassemble the entire function that includes the given address, including the instructions above it. 0xc7 Binäre Optionen. Der Grund, warum diese Arten von Finanz-Trades so sehr beliebt geworden sind, dass die Händler müssen nur eine von zw... Monday, 9 January 2017. 0xc7 Binary Options INTEGER COMMAND LINE OPTIONS −x2, −z 32MB, −−size=734kb, −−hex 0x7, −−binary 0b10011010, −−octal 0o123. Argtable accepts command line integers in decimal (eg 123), hexadecimal (eg 0xFF12), octal (eg 0o123) and binary (eg 0b0101110) formats. It also accepts integers that are suffixed by "KB" (x1024), "MB" (x1048576) or "GB ... The binary is loaded now. We can begin inspecting it. Radare has many options and to master all of them will take some time, but the more you use the tool, the more you'll be discovering and taking advantage of all of its capabilities. One way to explore the tool's options is by using the internal help. Thursday, 21 March 2019. 0xc7 binary options All of the options have sensible defaults that can be overridden as needed. FLAGSPEC is a list of Cabal configuration flags, optionally preceded by a -(to force the flag to false), and separated by spaces. Pandoc’s flags include: embed_data_files: embed all data files into the binary (default no). This is helpful if you want to create a ...

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